Leopard Love.

January 6, 2018

It is no secret that I have a love of leopard print. I think as…

Festive Balls!


This year has been manic at our house, what with ground floor extension project (a will write a post about that later!).  The pressure was on to get things finished for Christmas.  Our original deadline for building work (according to my husband) was August!! …so I was keen to see the back of it and bored of talking about it!! 

Anyway back to Christmas… its the ultimate deadline which 95% of the population strive for… just one day in the whole calendar which we all go mad for.  Family politics are heightened, and family gatherings are planned, shopping trolleys are filled (to the brim), presents are bought and the decorations are dusted off for another year.

I love Christmas. My favourite part is decorating the house and creating a magical place covered in twinkly lights and sparkles and every year I like to buy or try something different.

I fantasise about having decorations like The Ivy. Grand gestures of opulence, Christmas trees that tower above you covered in hundreds of shiny baubles, staircases draped with fresh foliage interspersed wth twinkly lights, the air filled with the smell of eucalyptus and the smell of warm mince pies.

Then I fall back to reality and realise I don’t live in a mansion and have millions of pounds to spend on decorations because once the presents are bought and after our new kitchen the money pot is dry.  

The trusty Pinterest provides ample inspiration for gorgeous decorations, but for this year my love was well and truly with honeycomb balls. Yes, you heard.  Honeycomb Balls.  Amazon is the perfect place to buy them in any shape or size.  (similar here)

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