Leopard Love.

January 6, 2018

It is no secret that I have a love of leopard print. I think as…

No time to work out?


I understand… we are all busy and more than ever when you have little people to look after on top of the work, household chores etc… the time devoted to yourself is non-existent.  

But I want to inspire you to take back your active life one small step at a time!  I used to be a huge gym bunny and couldn’t ever imagine my life with out exercise.  That was pre-kids.    After my first child, I continued to exercise until I was 8 months pregnant.  After the birth of my 2 child I was determined to get back in shape… but suddenly realised that no 2 is a game changer and I had even less time to myself (I was a stay at home mum working from home part time).

However 18 months later I weighed less than I did pre-kids (albeit I wasn’t as fit) – I felt great.  This wasn’t sustained though as I started to work full time and the little man was only in nursery 3 hours every morning.  I think I was stressed out, and had some personal family issues to work through.  However my youngest started school 3 months ago, so I am now trying to ‘allow’ myself some me-time some of which I spend getting fit.  

My priorities now have changed.  I don’t want to join a gym and spend hours on end in the same sweaty room.  I like the freedom of my life now and need an exercise schedule to match.  I do Spinning twice a week (trying to increase to 3 sessions!) at an independent PAYG club and the other amazing find is the Nike+ Training app. 

The Nike Training app is the perfect way to fit in some fun workouts in the little time that you have available at a place that suits you.  Just throw on your workout gear and grab your dumbbells (we all have a set lurking unused in the bottom of our wardrobes don’t we!?) and get going!

Latest workout to be tried and tested is Gym Sculpt – a toning 15 min toning workout and if you are inspired after the first 15 minutes then add on the 15 minute Abs and Arms workout in the Get Focused section.  30 minutes and you are done…just need to squeeze in a quick shower and you can get on with the rest of the day knowing you had a precious 30 minutes of time devoted completely to you!

Go on give it a go… you have nothing to loose.


I am an Operations Director and Mum of two, working from my home in London.  Coming out of my shell (where I prefer to hide!) and blogging about treasuring life, style and decor.