Leopard Love.

January 6, 2018

It is no secret that I have a love of leopard print. I think as…

My love of lists!


I live and die by my to do list…. if its not on the list it doesn’t get done or even exist! (my memory is not as good as it used to be!)

Its easy to become overwhelmed by the ever increasing lists of things to do from day to day. Perhaps you have created a To Do list and then realised that you will need a miracle to finish all those tasks? Quickly the To Do list becomes the one reason for not getting things done!

The basic concept of the To Do list is to delegate tasks to the day you want to complete them and then within those days prioritise your tasks according to importance and time available to complete the task. Sounds simple right?!

It could take the form of a simple notebook, sticky note or if you are like me I use the Apple Reminders app, which is the middle ground for to do lists.  At the other end of the scale are Todoist, Wunderlist for those who are committed to some serious organisation and planning.  I was convinced one of these apps would be for me however I need simplicity in my crazy schedule and don’t want to spend all day planning.

The key is to choose something that you know you will follow and find easy to use.

  • Record all tasks

Include all your outstanding tasks, regular and reoccurring jobs. Nobody is capable of remembering everything all of the time…your list acts as an external memory aid and just by writing down all your tasks will give you the freedom to ‘forget’ them… until of course you need to complete them!

  • Keep control & manage

Keep control of it and be the one to manage it rather than letting it manage you!  Don’t be afraid to move tasks to another day if you need to. I truly believe that a To Do list should evolve with you and should be flexible and every changing to suit our busy lives.

  • Reward yourself for completing a task

I take great satisfaction from completing tasks and even more from crossing the task of my To Do list – so at the end of every day ALWAYS ensure you cross of the tasks you have achieved.  I guarantee you will feel a massive sense of achievement.

Happy organising !

I am an Operations Director and Mum of two, working from my home in London.  Coming out of my shell (where I prefer to hide!) and blogging about treasuring life, style and decor.