Leopard Love.

January 6, 2018

It is no secret that I have a love of leopard print. I think as…

Unicorn and Rainbows Party


So its the time of year again when my daughter starts thinking about her a theme for her birthday party (actually I have to admit I have already decided and hope she goes with my choice!)  Its only February but its good to plan ahead! (you will soon realise I love to plan)

So the 5th birthday party theme will be… drum roll please…

Unicorns and Rainbows.

Thank the lord she agreed and didn’t decide she wanted Dora, or some other idea that didn’t fit my Pinterest board!  Of course Pinterest is the first place I go to start to look for ideas… in this world there is always someone who has ‘done it before’ and whilst I like to be creative I need quick fix ideas that I can create easily and simply.

I was under strict instructions that no boys were allowed!  This made it easier to plan activities – unicorn biscuit decorating, making personalised rainbow necklaces, rainbow and unicorn tattoos finished with dancing and pass the parcel.  

I went for a more subtle and stylish colour palette focussing on pastels shades of purple, blue, green, yellow and pink with a little gold and sparkle thrown in.

I created my own invitations which set the tone for the rest of the party.

Next to prep were the party bags.  I opted for gold paper bags which I decorated with a cloud and the crepe paper (haven’t used that since I was at school!) Amazon are always brilliant when searching for crafts and paper bags, tablecloths etc. I also had some gold stars which I had purchased from Paperchase previously. (they were meant for star charts but we never really succeeded to get those to work – #mumfail)

Inside the party bags I went for a Rainbow Fairy book from The BookPeople (similar here),  super sugary rainbow sweets (similar here) and a rainbow pencil.  Everyone would also take home the rainbow bracelet and unicorn biscuits made at the party.

10 girls, 2 hours – how hard can it be?!
























I honestly don’t believe in spending a fortune on a cake when it is demolished in 60 seconds. In previous years I have baked the cake, but this year I cheated and bought a plain iced cake from Waitrose! (similar here) I then decorated it with rainbow sprinkles and butterflies and a unicorn. Completed in 10 mins.  Might not be as Pinterest worthy as some I have seen but it did the trick and the little lady was very happy.


































I kept in simple with pizza for party food, but did salad sticks and chocolate dipped strawberries covered in sprinkles, although I forgot to get out of the fridge so we enjoyed those whilst the boss lady unwrapped her presents when everyone had left. I can confirm they are a beautiful accompaniment with a large G&T!

The party was a huge success and the party girl loved it!

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